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Heritage Biltong



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More tender and delicious than beef jerky. Healthier than any protein bar.

It's like having a steak in your pocket.

(1) 2 oz. bag of of our Classic Biltong!

Classic: Where it all started. This traditional recipe combines coriander and fennel for a light, sweet, and mouthwatering flavor that ancient South Africans called the "food of the gods."

Just a few simple ingredients is all it takes to pack a powerfully flavorful punch. Beef, vinegar, spices, and air are all we need to craft this incredible superfood! It's more tender and delicious than beef jerky, more nutritious than any protein bar, and has more protein per serving than any snack on the market. Plus, it's got none of the junk found in traditional 'healthy' snacks:

  • no artificial ingredients
  • zero sugar
  • zero carbs
  • no gluten, soy, or other allergens
  • no nothing! ​​

No wonder we call it the Best Snack on Earth.*

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With 16g of protein per serving, 2g of fat, and 0g carbs or sugar, Heritage Biltong is a healthy, natural, high-protein snack for any diet whether you're keto, paleo, whole30, gluten free, soy free, or carnivore.

This air-dried carne has no artificial ingredients, unlike heavily processed jerky. It's made with ingredients you would recognize in nature: just beef, vinegar, spices, and air. Plus, it's always sugar free and nitrate free. All the good stuff, and none of the bad.


Biltong is a South African snack marinated in vinegar and spices, then air dried. Unlike jerky, which tends to dry out, this process results in a deeply beefy flavor and a tender, chewy texture.

Biltong was first made by explorers in South Africa to fuel them on their journeys. While we don’t imagine any of you stryve to trek through the savannah on a daily basis, our snacks are ready to tear into at a moment’s notice to provide the fuel you need.


Biltong is the perfect grab n’ go snack, but don’t let that stop you. Get in touch with your wild side and rip into a bag, or substitute in your favorite recipe.

Sprinkle some crisps on top of soup, salad, or eggs for an extra kick of protein and flavor. Elevate your next charcuterie board and pray your dinner guests don’t raid your pantry for a whole bag of their own. Send it in gift baskets to men or women as an exotic and delicious snack.


High in protein, high in flavor, and highly addicting, our meat is sliced and air-dried to tender mouthwatering perfection with just three ingredients: Beef, Vinegar, and Spices.

We’re on a mission to reclaim the snack world from artificial and unhealthy ingredients; no carbs, sugar, gluten or preservatives here. So whether you’re keto, paleo, or just like us and want to recognize what you put in your body: we made this for you.