Jason Eisner and Jordan Cohen first discovered Biltong at a rugby match in Cape Town, South Africa. Used to the beer, hot dogs, and soda offered at American stadiums, we were skeptical at first… until we tried our first bite. Then, we were hooked.


The taste, the texture, everything was miles better than any snack we had ever tried in the US. But when we returned home, we couldn’t find it anywhere (it's illegal to ship to the US). The only commercially available products were nowhere near the moist, tender, delicious beefy goodness we got our hands on in South Africa.


So, we made our own.


    You may be asking yourself: isn't this just another name for beef jerky? No!


    Beef jerky is made with heatsugar, and preservatives, and often has more sugar per-serving than protein. Biltong is air-dried and made only with natural ingredients, resulting in a healthier nutritional profile and a more tender, mouthwatering texture.


    Biltong has more protein per serving than a protein bar, with none of the added sugar or artificial ingredients. Beef, spices, vinegar, and air: that's all it takes to create this whole-food nutritional powerhouse. A diet high in protein has been scientifically proven to boost fat burning, build lean muscle, increase satiety, build strong bones, and even lower blood pressure.(source)


    Our 2oz bags are designed to be transportable, so you never need to sacrifice nutrition or taste on your next adventure. With 32g of protein per bag, our beef is ready to help you fuel up for that next hike or workout, or to rip into when you don't have time to cook. Plus, with just a few simple ingredients, biltong fits right into your dietary needs: whether you're keto, paleo, whole30, carnivore, intermittent fasting, or... really anything, other than a vegetarian!